Superwave Group

key advantages

High quality

Automation and certified materials eliminate unpredictable results


Sample production for approval of the whole run

Turn-key service

Complete in-house solution: printing office, branding workshop, packing department and logistics


  • Packaging design;
  • Optimization of the template according to customer’s needs;
  • Die-cutting of various configurations;
  • Variable data, code and QR-code printing;
  • Trial batch production;
  • Stock Keeping Unit realization in one run;
  • Industrial packaging of high quality;
  • Short print possibility;


Binding cardboard boxes

Binding cardboard box is the most reliable type of the board games packaging.

Cardboard and construction paper boxes

Cardboard packaging creates bright and presentable look. Individual packaging is developed for each game.

Mono-cardboard boxes

This type of packaging is suitable for card games. It is convenient to place such games in the check out area.

Binding cardboard boxes with an oblique and die cut lid

Makes the look of the game more exclusive.

“Case” self-latching box

Key advantages of this packaging are its ease of use and nice look.

Binding cardboard box on a magnet

Premium quality boxes: durable, convenient and presentable. 


  • We produce various configurations of playing fields and tiles
  • Hot glue lamination which allows to keep the geometric dimensions during the operation of the field
  • Ability to use both local and import materials
  • Binding cardboard thickness is 1,25 – 2 mm
  • Field lining is performed on an automatic casemaking machine HORDA ZFM-1000A


2 – parts

3 – parts

4 – parts

6 – parts

Compound field 



Cardboard of any thickness and plastic printing


A large number of ready-made die-cut forms

Shrink wrapping

Maximum protection of the deck of cards

Band wrapping

The easiest and the most economical way of saving the deck


UV varnish for glossing and laminating for extra durability

Tiles, chips and figures

Жетоны из картона
Cardboard tokens
Печать на дереве и пластике
Wood and plastic printing
3D фигурки из картона
Cardboard 3D figures
Фигурки из ЭВА
Figures made of EVA
Фигурки из оргстекла
Plexiglass figures


Wooden puzzle is a real work of art! High quality, rich colors and unusual elements cut with pinpoints accuracy in the form of characters – all these factors create the unique feelings and cozy atmosphere during the game. Puzzles can make any event brighter and extremely enjoyable for both children and adults. You can use it as a wonderful gift.



Сфальцованные инструкции
Folded instructions
Брошюра на термоклей
Hot-melt brochure
Брошюра на скрепке
Brace brochure
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