Superwave Group provides refurbishment and repair services of used telecom and networking equipment, with full range of refurbishment and technical modernization of devices in use.

  • Cleaning of equipment: air blasting, wiping of body.
  • Diagnostics equipment and components for checking performance, troubleshooting.
  • Replacement of broken down elements: in case with drives - possibility to replace HDD by SSD.
  • Repair of equipment with materials needed for repair.
  • Installation of the latest firmware.
  • Equipment assembly.
  • Repeated diagnostics.
  • Utilization of broken down elements.
  • Replacement of broken down elements: universal remote controller, cables, batteries, power supplies units and other.
  • Equipment customization.
  • Printing of materials for preparation of new package: subscriber's reference book, manual, etc.
  • Packaging with individual design: fining with front label, sticker, use of shell, lamination, heat shrinkage.
  • Packaging into master-boxes and palletising for further transportation.

Advantages of refurbishment services

  • Reconditioning of equipment to "like new" state increases its life cycle.
  • Increase of Net Promoter Score.
  • Environment protection.
  • Increase of economic efficiency of your business without freezing of investments into temporary pool of components.

Advantages of collaboration with the Superwave Group

  • Wide experience of work with telecommunication providers.
  • Partnership with leading manufacturers of telecommunication and network equipment.
  • Professional engineering team with long experience.
  • Provision of serial recording of equipment.
  • Comfortable reporting system.
  • Service network across all the territory of Russia.
  • Unified customer service for Superwave Group customers.
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